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Made For The Millennial Generation
The FashTime Mobile App: What it is and how it works
FashTime's Mobile App is THE Fashion-Lifestyle Network for Millennials and the first photo-sharing app to [i] sketch out our life's stories, [ii] be Time-based, [iii] introduce the swipe-to-vote on two paired photos.
FashTime's mobile app is simply the new way (of perceiving Fashion). Smart, Magical, Different, Quick. More specifically, FashTime's Mobile App is...
The new way of connecting with a social community.
Join & Connect Smarty
The Profile Bubbles: Simply smarter

Choose how to play. Sign up as Normal User or Pro one.

Our pro ‘bubbles’ categories include: influencers, models, designers, photographers, magazines, brands.

The new way of sharing our life & discovering others'
Share & Discover Magically
The Bubble Posts: Simply more fun

Two new type of posts: Moments (1-photo post) & Challenges (2 photos in 1 post).

Tag what you do, when, where & how you are with our bubbles.

Set the expiration date of a Challenge. Challenges can stay active up 1 week.

Share everywhere

Users can click the bubbles to filter content.

The new way of liking & thinking
Like & Think Differently
The Fash Time: Be Free from Likes

Users can: Zoom and play with each post. Opening a photo makes spend seconds on it. Users can spend up to 15 seconds.

No more meaningless likes. Gain as many seconds you can. It’s about how much Time people spend on you. Check your Fash Time

You can spent Time too. After spending it, you have to collect it again. Stay Active. Time is money Check your Spendable Fash Time (SFT).

The new way of voting & taking decisions
Help Others & Decide Quickly (Playfully)
The Fash Swipe: Just like tinder, applied to 2 photos

By posting a challenge (2 photos), you’re implicitly asking a question or you’re up to recommendations. Therefore, you need an answer fast.

By swiping left or right, it’s possible to express a preference on 2 photos. Once a challenge expires, see how many swiped A or B. Act accordingly.

Challenges are not invasive poll. No more comments or boring interfaces. It’s a fun game.

This way, FashTime transforms how we perceive Fashion, our Life, ourselves and the world around us. Moreover, it makes us more connected, wishful to share and willing to help (through Fashion). With FashTime we can wear our true colors and feel like our best selves, while sharing life’s moments that inspire the world; truly preserve our past and easily relive it, by sketching out our life’s moments; get rid of what prevents us to fully live the present, by sketching out and deciding - together with the community - on our life’s challenges; be seen and feel truly recognized for who we are, by killing ‘the Like’ and thinking in Seconds.
Millennials: how FashTime addresses them
Millennials (1)
They love living the Moment and sharing their daily life’s stories (ephemeral social-sharing experience)! They still post ‘lasting’ digital content to preserve their memories. They want to show what they wear (their style), as a part of their daily life’s stories, & be able to buy easily what they see online (See/Buy Now)!
FashTime (1)
Bubble posts enhance the way users share their life’s Moments and Challenges. Moments are meant to last forever while Challenges are ephemeral. Users make use of FashTags* (what they wear) & tag what they do, when & where.
Users can truly preserve their past and easily relive it: while getting rid of what prevents them to fully live the present.
(*In line with the industry trend, FashTags allow social style discovery & shopping).
Millennials (2)
They feel the pressure to not be liked and truly recognized. They want to be interesting. They have a short attention span of around 8 seconds.
FashTime (2)
Time as the best way to measure interest on a photo.
Users can be seen & feel truly recognized for who they are (As a consequence, users are more willing to share ‘lasting’ digital life’s moments and show their true selves).
Millennials (3)
They are inclusive, not shy to (give) ask for advice. They expect things to happen fast and demand fast answers (productivity-driven). Low survey response rates: helping others on social media is time-consuming & not cool. They respond to ads/surveys. They want stories.
FashTime (3)
The Challenge as a playful “call to participate” (no direct questions; a new type of life’s story) versus a classic “call to action”! FashTime bases its entire UX on the concept of Swipe!
Users can get rid of what prevents them to fully live the present.
Millennials (4)
They don’t feel part of single social groups trying to compete against one other. They go beyond groups. They always strive to feel special, have a unique style and live without fears.
FashTime (4)
Users customize their profile/the posts they share through our bubbles + (see the previous solutions). “Be what you want, when you want, where you want and how you want”.
A place where users can show their true colors and feel like their their best selves, without the pressure to please others and fear of not recognition.