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FashTime offers two additional products: The FashTime web app and FashTime Analytics. These products are especially for businesses. They can be used on top of the FashTime’s mobile app.
The FashTime Web App: What it is and how it works
FashTime’s Web App is THE new fashion platform for brands building momentum with Millennials. It's the #1 photo-sharing business-oriented web app to enable users to vote between two paired photos with a click: professional users are enabled to upload 2 photos next to one another, combined with an “A or B” voting system. Voters get to discover the content in an engaging way and choose their preferred photo. No need to download the mobile app. As a brand:

Create your 2-in-1 Photo post (Challenge).

Tag the photo items (product type, price, e-commerce link)

Share & Wait

Share on Facebook & many other channels: engage your followers with a new type of post (it’s a game!)

Wait for your followers to vote (or purchase through the e-commerce link)

Ready to get the Report & Decide?

Once your challenge has expired you can instantly access the integrated report & take your business / fashion decisions (see FashTime Analytics)

Soon to come: a post created from the web app will directly appear on the mobile app with the bubbles extension.

FashTime Analytics: What it is and how it works
FashTime Analytics is targeted (web) analytics for brands that want to take fast/better decisions and truly get to know the Millennial generation & their tastes. FashTime Analytics is the #1 provider of the Time-based HeatMap. As a brand:
Get the Report & Decide quickly

Demographic: Total votes, Geolocation, Gender, Age Range; HeatMap: See where people look at and for how long.

Soon to come: the report will be available both via FashTime web app and FashTime mobile app

More about the FashTime Web App: How to obtain the best Results
Social Media
Directly share your Challenge on Facebook and upload it on other social media platforms as well. Followers of your already-existing social media profiles can simply vote with one click. No app download required.
E-mail Newsletter
Send out a different type of newsletter. Include a Challenge into your email campaigns to trigger a response. With one click, the reader is redirected to your Challenge and can vote & explore the FashTags.
Affiliate Marketing Programs
Use the Challenge as a banner post on other pages. Connect the websites of the influencers you collaborate with to your Challenge. Drive engagement and receive new feedback.
In-store Engagement
Engage your store visitors with the Challenge. Let them vote for content on a digital touchscreen and discover their favorite looks.
Our Differentiating Technology
Bubble post/tagging
It empowers users to sum up and discover life’s moments & challenges magically. UX/UI design is an emerging field in the tech industry.
Time-based Like
Time as an appreciation tool. It empowers users to think & analyze trends differently.
A-B swipe/A-B click
The swipe-to-vote tech is applied to 2 paired photos. It empowers users to decide quickly. The click-to-vote tech is exploitable by brands for the first time in a web app.
Time-Based HeatMap
It empowers brands to know where users look at in a photo + for how long

Additional mentionable technology: The FashTag – Direct e-commerce conversion. FashTag tag items in the photos that are posted. It includes all useful information about an article and allows for quicker e-commerce conversion from your social networks. With one click, users can directly go to the exact online shop location of the article they just saw.

Soon to come: working on a new video-oriented technology.
Added Value: How businesses benefit from FashTime’s products
Engage & Reach Followers through a new magical experience (Engagement/Marketing)
Through the mobile app, you can share your products and be discovered in a new magical way, thanks to our bubbles. This way, you can speak a social ‘language’, closer to your customers. Through the web app, you can let your FB millennial followers directly engage with your 2-in-1 photo posts: no need to download the mobile app. Truly connect to your followers and make them feel part of your brand’s community.
Connect directly to your site + Know easily about your products’ use
Moments and Challenges include FashTags, that clearly identify the products in each photo. Responsive website links allow for direct online purchasing from your web store. Through the mobile app, you can instantly get to know how, when & where customers use your products, thanks to our bubbles.
Catch trends with a new & different social currency: Time
Since Time is fractionable, you can have deeper insights about your millennial followers and stop playing the game of likes. Different Ratios enhance the service, such as Time/follower/post etc.
Engage Followers with a new game. Take quick decisions (Crowd-source Design)
You can exploit the A-B swipe & A-B click tech with your millennial followers, turning boring market research into a game. Quickly solve challenges such as “What should I produce, sell, what do my followers prefer?”. Actively involve your follower base in your brand’s decision-making process. Make them feel part of the message your brand is delivering. Choose looks from your next collection & ask your follower base which ones they love the most. Make your production decisions based on what your followers really want.
Targeted analytics that actually help you make concrete decisions (Merchandising)
You can get to know the geolocation, age range and gender of all voters. We even tell you which area of both photos viewers are interested in most (HeatMap) and more to come. Get data before the sale is made. Save on inventory costs and know exactly which products are preferred.
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